Kimoto Junmai 2018
  • Kimoto Junmai 2018
  • Kimoto Junmai 2018

Kimoto Junmai 2018

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Producteur: Matsunotsukasa

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Rice wine - 72cl bottle- Japan - Serve at 12-14 °C

We go right back to the roots of sake brewing with this junmai sake, made by the traditional kimoto method.
Wooden casks are loaded with steamed rice, both plain and inoculated with the vital mould koji. Brewery workers pound and mix the rice by hand (a process known as yama oroshi) to form the starter batch, which is then left out in the brewery to allow ambient yeast to initiate fermentation.
This yama oroshi technique creates an optimum environment for yeast to multiply, allowing the best strains to ferment the sake without having to suppress other microorganisms.

The result is natural umami through and through with just the right level of acidity and a short finish, a kimoto junmai with the characteristic mildness of Matsunotsukasa.
Sample it at a range of temperatures from chilled to hot to fully explore its wealth of flavours.

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