Teran 2017
  • Teran 2017
  • Teran 2017

Teran 2017

Reference: cotter
Producteur: Čotar


Red wine - 75cl bottle - Slovenia

 Dry red wine. 11.5% alcohol content.

A deep ruby color with the purplish shades characteristic for Teran, acquired from the terra rossa-red earth-of the Karst. Intense aroma brings to mind fresh fruits like cherry and blueberry as well as violets. The exceptional freshness of the wine's taste mixes in the mouth with the warm and slightly tannic aftertaste of its body.

Food: Teran is traditionally drunk with Karst prosciutto (dry-cured ham), but it also goes well with grilled pork ribs, sausage, roast veal and game.
Serving temperature: from 18 to 19 °C.

Planting a vineyard in these parts means first clearing the land of trees and brush, loosening the stony terrain, and hauling in topsoil. We cultivate our vineyards in an environmentally friendly way (ecological farming style).

Vineyards: Pečina, Olarija, Dražna, Dusce, Polje, Kot, Ivanji grad, for a total of 7,5 ha. Varieties: Refosco, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malvasia, Sauvignon, Vitovska, 50% red, 50% white varieties. Planting density: 7300 vines per hectare,cultivation form: single guyot. Vine load: low - 3500 to 4000 kg/ha. Harvest: late autumn - when the grapes have attained phenolic maturity.