Valpolicella 2017
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  • Valpolicella 2017

Valpolicella 2017

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red wine - 75cl bottle


Valpolicella wine is characterized by the use of local native varieties Corvina, Corvinone and Rondinella. If Rondinella proves to be particularly important for the shades of colour it gives to the wine, Corvina and Corvinone, rich in polyphenols and tannins, express their best in the structure. Valpolicella is a fine youthful ruby-red wine with a winy, light perfume with hints of cherry and rose; the palate is fresh, dry and rather soft, pleasantly tannic, bitter and lively.

Production area Valpolicella, Verona, Veneto Region

Location the vineyards are located on a single hill, in the valley of Illasi Vineyards elevation 220 – 500 meters

Soil calcareous with sedimentary origin

Training system Pergola

Plant density 3.000 plants per hectare

Grape varieties 60 % Corvina, 25 % Corvinone, 15 % Rondinella

Vinification The Amarone della Valpolicella is obtained through an ancient method called “appassimento”. Only the best grapes are selected and then dried naturally for 3 to 4 months in drying rooms called “fruttai”. During this process the grapes dehydrate, losing 40-50% of their weight, with a consequent concentration of all of their substances. In January the grapes are pressed and the must stays in contact with the skins during all the fermentation process, which lasts about 30 days. The wine ages in French oak barriques and tonneaux for a period that may vary from 36 to 42 months. The wine is released in the market 5 years after the harvest.

Tasting notes Color ruby red Bouquet cherry aroma with a slight peppery note tipical of corvina Taste dry, fresh and lively red fruit

Pairing it pairs perfectly with the Mediterranean cuisine, pasta dishes, roasted or grilled white and red meats

Alcohol 12.5 % Vol

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