VRMT 1 bot. 1L

VRMT 1 bot. 1L

Reference: ROvrmt
Producteur: Robles (Bodegas)


Vermouth andalucian recipe - bot 100cl - Serve at 8-10°C


The base of VRMT Robles is the organic Oloroso wine that has aged for eight years in oak barrels. A light touch of Pedro Ximénez wine displays a wide range of aromas of quince jelly and honey tones. 
 VRMT Robles is macerated with ten of aromatic plants from the lands of the domain and therefore is an attempt to translate a real sense of their terroir into the vermouth.
«VRMT Robles. Andalusi recipe» incorporate aromas and memories of the Andalusi cuisine and balance between sweet, bitter and acid.
The study of Andalusi spices has been fundamental, following the indications of an anonymous manuscript of the thirteenth century: The clove and cinnamon, coming from Asia via the Silk road, are the main responsible for the warm Andalusi aroma characteristic of this vermouth. Pairs with chorizo tapas, smocked delis, anchovy, salmon, tuna, mussels, cheese, dried fruits, cheesecake, citrus or orange sweets, nuts or just for itself of course. 

15% alc

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