Iconoclaste 2019
  • Iconoclaste 2019
  • Iconoclaste 2019

Iconoclaste 2019

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Producteur: Fouassier (Domaine)


75cl bottle - Red wine - AOC Sancerre


In the Vineyard : The vines are pruned in "Guyot Simple". The vineyard is cultivated according to Organic agriculture and biodynamic methods.
8500 feet/ha.

"Iconoclaste" is made of vines aged 45 years old.
Vines are cultivated in Organic and Biodynamic agriculture.
Free run yield average: 35 hl/ha.

If necessary, the harvest is sorted out in the vines, then it is stalked and routed to the pneumatic press, via conveyor belts, in the winemaking tanks, to be protected at the maximum.

Grape variety : Pinot Noir

Tasting : A wine full of passion and youth, which gives the sensation of biting red fruits to the full.
Wine buddies par excellence.
Géology : Marls from Saint Doulchard
Situation : Plateau and hillsides.

In the cellar : Natural vinification, fermentation in native yeast.
Work in cellar is based on lunar calendar.
Cold pre-fermentation maceration of about 8 days and then starting of the fermentation.
During this period, we perform light punching of the cap (once to twice a day). The period of fermentation varies from three to five weeks according to the vintage.
The devatting is done thanks to a carpet and follows a light pression. Then comes the aging period that takes place in oak barrels for about twelve months.



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