Bajoflor 0/6

Bajoflor 0/6

Reference: ROba6
Producteur: Robles (Bodegas)


Dry oxydatif wine - Montilla Moriles - bot 75cl - Serve at 8-10°C


Oloroso wine that has aged for six years in oak barrels in an oxidative process.
Intense mahogany colour with golden hues. Surprising due to its initial smell of raisins and rounding off with an elegant evolution (green apple), with added finos of dry laurel leaf and incense. Satiny and delicately
sweet, but dry, fresh and with an increasing aromatic subtlety.
Bajoflor 0/6 pairs with barbequed vegetables and meats, marinated dishes, red meat stews, smoked fish and even vinaigrettes or for itself.

16% alc

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