What is an author wine ?

This one can be so diverse according to the personality of their parent, that it is easier to define than he is not. Author's wine, it is everything but a standard, stereotypical wine, makes to please the largest number. He is produced thus rarely in million copies, copying himself from vintage to vintage

Author's wine, it is thus the wine which does not look like that of the neighbor. Which year by year will evolve according to the vagaries of the weather and the humor of the author - both being able to be connected. Because the author does not trust market studies to lead his boat. He makes his wines as he feels him, as he likes him, as he can him, sometimes... And too bad if he does not please to all.

That is why author's wines are sometimes classified in "table wine" or in " wine of France ". Because the wine grower did not plant the authorized vine *, makes the assembly or the wine making recommended in the naming **. He is often a little bit rebel, our author. But that is why we like him!... Having said that, author's wines are not systematically marginal: he are present in most of the naming, and can be a part of the elite of these ***. Because they do not content themselves with credit note of the personality: they are good, in more! With generally one degree of "drinkinability" very high: we do not grow tired of it at the end of the first mouthful.

As author's wines are not chaptalized, yeasted, fiddled them can present very different profiles according to the vintage. To us (retailers and consumers) to accept them as they are, and to remain faithful to the producers, because they need us to pursue their activity.


* For example, Touriga Nacional in Minervois, or Syrah in Côte of Forez. They are crazy, these authors!

** Certain winemakers dare to produce sweet wines with Mourvèdre or sparkling natural wine with Pineau of Aunis

*** As those of Jean-François Ganevat in Jura or Zind-Humbrecht in Alsace